San Marino Experience

The Team is made up of young people who share the desire to transform their outdoor passions, mountain biking, nature, hiking, holidays and food of their own land, into a work activity in the tourism sector.
Relying on a guide from our team means “experiencing” the Republic of San Marino through classic or alternative routes, discovering unexpected landscapes, enchanted stories, restaurants and locations where you can taste specialties with a genuine flavor and rediscover forgotten tastes.

  Developing a slow and natural tourism in the country we live in

  Convey culture and traditions of a secular Republic

  Visit San Marino and keep it among your best memories



  Marco Rossi

  +39 351.0031254

     Piazzale Campo della Fiera, 18 - Borgo Maggiore - 47893

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Your Questions

Contact us on the number +39 351.0031254or send a WhatsApp message. The information we need is: - number of participants - heights of participants - duration of the rental / tour - preference for morning or afternoon - possible type of tour