The Titanus Museum it is an emotional journey through the centuries, the places and the characters who contributed to conquering and defending the independence and freedom of San Marino. Every year the Republic of San Marino welcomes millions of tourists unaware of its thousand-year history.

From prehistory to the legend of Santo Marino

Millions of years ago a prehistoric sea covered Mount Titano and the entire surrounding area.
With the gradual retreat of the waters, man began to populate the slopes of the mountain until, in Roman times, an ascetic named Marino arrived from Dalmatia: the first tiny village developed around him and in the following centuries will become the Republic of San Marino.

The conquest and defense of freedom

After Marino's death, the village expanded, fortified itself with castles and city walls, became a municipality with its own institutions and laws, and fought strenuously to obtain and preserve its own autonomy. Over the centuries, the Papal State has attempted to put an end to this independence several times, but to no avail: alliances, wars, diplomatic skills have allowed the San Marino people to increasingly assume the physiognomy of a free people.

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Napoleon, Garibaldi and the two world wars

Napoleon I and later Napoleon III were fascinated by the small Republic of San Marino, helping it, protecting it, and contributing to making it known throughout the world. Likewise, the Risorgimento, Garibaldi and Vittorio Emanuele II, the first king of Italy, firmly supported its right to be a sovereign state. Not even the wars and the many problems of the twentieth century have affected its desire to remain independent: in 1992, for this reason, it became an effective member of the United Nations. donation medals.

An immersive experience…

Thanks to the use of multimedia tools, immersive projections, 3D maps and holograms, you will experience the emotion of the most important moments that characterized the birth of the Republic and the defense of its freedom, so as to better appreciate the places and monuments present in San Marino .

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Technology at the service of San Marino history

  • Ancient Hall

The first room of the multimedia museum is characterized by an 8 x 1.7 meter wall, with double projection, and is the theater of the story of the most ancient history of San Marino. From the underwater origin of the mountain to the legend of the holy founder, the visitor will witness a representation totally reconstructed in 3D.

  • Modern Hall

The Modern Room is made up of a 1.5 x 2.5 meter model, which faithfully reproduces the territory of San Marino. It was made with 3D printing and in a material suitable for video-mapping. An 86-inch 4K television, positioned above the model, shows images, paintings, engravings and ancient documents.

  • Contemporary Hall

A double projection takes us through the period from the 17th century to the present day. The holograms of three characters – Santo Marino, Napoleon and Garibaldi – were acquired via a sensor suit. An actor's movements and lips were then transferred to the models totally reconstructed in 3D. On the background screen, images accompany the monologues of Marino, Napoleon and Garibaldi.

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