The Republic of San Marino celebrates Corpus Domini, the civil and religious holiday, with an evocative ceremony which takes place in the historic center according to a protocol that has remained almost unchanged over the centuries.
A procession is formed which accompanies the Captains Regent to the Basilica of the Saint.

The procession opens with two agents of the Civil Police, the Military Concert, the Militia, two Donzelli, in gala uniform, the Captains Regent flanked by the Guard of Honor of the Great and General Council and others of the entourage.
A picket of Fortress Guards, in full uniform, closes the procession.

At the entrance to the Basilica of the Saint, the Chaplain of the Saint is waiting for the Captains Regent.
The Captains Regent take their places on the throne with the Butler next to them. Two Officers of the Council Honor Guard in full uniform provide honorable service at the side of the throne. The suite takes place in the nave behind the main altar. The celebrant sitsa cornu epistolae'.

The celebration begins Solemn mass

At the end of the liturgical celebration of Corpus Domini, the Captains Regent and their entourage leave the Basilica of the Saint and return to the Public Palace.
The procession is escorted by the Guard of Honor of the Great and General Council.
After a few minutes, it leaves from Basilica del Santo the Procession with the Blessed Sacrament.
The Military Concert and the Militia follow.
The procession arrives on Freedom Square.
The Guard of Honor of the Great and General Council is lined up along the wall that delimits the Square (on the right, with its back to the Palace).
The other Corps line up on the left side.

In the center of the part of the square between the public building and the Statue of Liberty is placed on a table covered with a red cloth and with lit candlesticks on the sides.
The Blessed Sacrament is placed on this table.

The Regency overlooks the central balcony of the Palazzo Pubblico. The Blessing with the monstrance takes place. The military corps present their weapons and the Military Band blows the trumpet.

At the end of the Corpus Domini function, the Regency withdraws from the balcony and the Procession resumes the route that leads to the Basilica, accompanied by the Militia and the Military Band.

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