The National Gallery of San Marino

A Journey into Contemporary Art

The National Gallery of San Marino represents a unique and fascinating place, where history, politics and art intertwine in an engaging and meaningful exhibition itinerary.

Reality and Abstraction: Events Related to the Second World War and the Post-War Period

The first room of the exhibition opens with an in-depth analysis of the delicate events linked to the Second World War and the subsequent post-war period. Here, the relationships and contiguities between historical events and the political and social facts that profoundly marked that crucial period in world history are documented.

Experimental Languages: The Innovation of Contemporary Arts in San Marino

The experimental languages of contemporary arts forcefully enter the San Marino cultural and artistic debate with the IV and VI San Marino Biennial between 1963 and 1968. This moment marks an important turning point in the artistic evolution of the country, opening the doors to new expressive forms and an innovative vision of contemporary art.

Traversing History: The Return to Painting as a Privileged Practice

In the third room of the exhibition, works by artists who, starting from the end of the seventies, have chosen to adopt painting as a privileged practice are displayed. These artists demonstrate the desire to return to a new relationship with the matter, color and body of art, also reinterpreting the history of art as an immense reservoir of images from which to draw in full creative freedom.

Performative Archive: An Open Space for Conservation and Cataloguing

The performative archive of the National Gallery represents a central space for the life of the museum, as it carries out various functions related to the conservation and cataloging of special collections of documents, projects and works that have characterized the history of contemporary arts in San Marino in a experimental. These documents become part of a place accessible to the public, which is enriched and revitalized through lessons, conferences, exhibitions and performances.

Artist's Books: A Unique and Fascinating Heritage

An integral part of the performance archive is the Artist's Books section, mainly composed of two distinct nuclei. On the one hand, we find historical books created by renowned artists such as Enzo Cucchi, while on the other, a unique collection of its kind composed of 29 books created by artists from small European states and micro geo-political areas. These works, created on the occasion of the Subjectve Maps / Disappearances exhibition, represent an extraordinary cultural heritage that testifies to the creativity and artistic innovation present in San Marino and beyond.

Reality and Abstraction -> Experimental Languages -> Going through History -> Performative Archive -> Artist's books

In conclusion, the National Gallery of San Marino is confirmed as an extraordinary place where art, history and innovation come together to offer the public a unique and unforgettable experience. A journey through the different facets of contemporary art that leaves a deep mark in the hearts of anyone who has the privilege of visiting it.

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