The Captains Regent, symbol of tradition of the Republic

San Marino, nestled among the hills of central Italy, is a historical gem that preserves a thousand-year-old and fascinating history, intertwined with the deeds of the Captains Regent. A special guided tour dedicated to the Regency of San Marino offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the glorious past of this ancient republic, founded in the 4th century.

The history of San Marino begins in 301 AD, when a humble Christian stonemason named Marino fled the persecutions of the Roman Empire and took refuge on the slopes of Mount Titano. Here, Marino founded a community based on principles of freedom, justice and solidarity, attracting followers and giving life to the Republic of San Marino, the oldest Republic in the world still in force.

The Republic of San Marino is governed by a Great and General Council and two Captains Regent, who act as heads of state for a six-month term. The Captains Regent they are the symbol of tradition and the continuity of the Republic, embodying values of integrity and community service.

During a special guided tour of the Regency, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the fundamental stages of the history of San Marino and its rulers. You can visit the Palazzo Pubblico, the political and administrative heart of the Republic, admiring the Renaissance frescoes and works of art that decorate the historic rooms of the palace.

The Basilica of San Marino, dedicated to the patron saint of the town, inside it consists of three naves, made up of sixteen Corinthian columns that form a large semicircular ambulatory around the apse. The ceiling of the central nave is in the shape of a cylindrical vault while in the naves there are six altars, three on each side.

A fundamental stop will be a visit to the State Museum, where visitors will be able to explore archaeological finds, ancient manuscripts and historical documents that narrate the thousand-year history of the Republic and its rulers. This will be a moment to deepen your knowledge of the culture and traditions of San Marino, enriching the overall experience of the visit.

In conclusion, a special guided tour of the Regency of San Marino promises to be an unforgettable and enlightening experience. Through the discovery of the history of San Marino and its rulers, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in a unique reality, where tradition and innovation come together to create a vibrant and dynamic community.

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