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Come and discover the history of the oldest Republic in the World told by the characters who made its history!!

The Titanus Museum, through multimedia videos, 3D maps and high resolution holograms, allows you to relive in a spectacular way the moment of the birth and defense of freedom in Republic of San Marino. The legend of the saint, the alliance with the Montefeltro, the war with the Malatesta, the respect and friendship with Napoleon Bonaparte, the hospitality of Giuseppe Garibaldi, the world wars and much more.

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Titanus Museum - Multimedia Experience in San Marino

From prehistory to the legends of Santo Marino
Millions of years ago, a prehistoric ocean covered Mount Titano and the surrounding area. As the waters receded, man began to live on the slopes of the mountains until Roman times, when an ascetic named Marino arrived from Dalmatia. The first small villages arose around him, which in the following centuries became the Republic of San Marino.
Conquest and defense of freedom
After Marino's death the village grew, fortified itself with castles and bastions, became a municipality with its own institutions and laws, and fought strenuously to gain and maintain its autonomy. Over the centuries the Papal State made several attempts to put an end to this independence, but without success. Through alliances, wars and diplomatic techniques, the people of San Marino increasingly resembled a free people.
Napoleon, Garibaldi and the two world warsthe
The Republic defends its independence Napoleon I, then Napoleon III. They were fascinated by the small Republic of San Marino and contributed to helping it, protecting it and making it famous throughout the world. Likewise, the Risorgimento family, the Garibaldi family, and Italy's first king, Victor Emmanuel II, strongly supported Italy's right to become a sovereign state. Even the war and many problems of the 20th century did not affect their desire to maintain their independence. For this reason, in 1992 the country became a full member of the United Nations.
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Closed on December 25th.

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