San Marino: Exclusive Multi Museum Pass – Visit all State Museums


The ancient history of the Republic has left a rich testimony that can be felt in the entire historic center of San Marino. A walk in San Marino is ideal for anyone who wants to dive into culture. A detailed visit and engaging narrative through time is offered to us State Museums.

San Marino Multimuseo PASS: all public museums with a single ticket

There are 7 museums that can be visited: the First Tower, the Second Tower, the Public Palace, the State Museum, the San Francesco Art Gallery, the National Gallery, the Stamp and Coin Museum. With the Multimuseum PASS we have the opportunity to visit them all with a single advantageous ticket, without expiration.

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San Marino: Exclusive Multi Museum Pass - Visit all State Museums

Live a unique and unforgettable experience exploring the beauties of San Marino thanks to our exclusive museum pass. With this pass you will have access to 7 state museums, including the majestic Torre Guaita, also known as the "First Tower" or "Fortress of Guaita". The unmistakable profile of this tower attracts you from afar, promising an exciting journey full of history.

Explore the Treasures of San Marino;

  • Guaita Tower: Start your journey by exploring the Guaita Tower, a symbol of San Marino that will give you breathtaking views and a unique experience of the country's history and culture.
  • Cesta Tower and Museum of Ancient Weapons: Continue the journey to the highest peak of Titan at 755 meters above sea level along the panoramic passage of incomparable splendor, which on the edge of the mountain connects the three ancient towers of San Marino.
    Public building: Continue your visit by immersing yourself in history at the Palazzo Pubblico, a stunning landmark open to the public when not in use for official business.
  • State Museum: Delve into the history of San Marino by exploring the State Museum, which will take you on a fascinating journey through the centuries.
  • San Francesco Art Gallery: Admire the captivating works of art displayed in the Pinacoteca San Francesco, which will give you moments of pure beauty and inspiration.
  • National Gallery: Discover the masterpieces housed in the National Gallery, a place that will surprise you with its unique and fascinating collection.
  • Stamp and Coin Museum: Conclude the journey of the last centuries, from the second half of the 19th century to today, through philatelic issues and numismatics.

    Attention: the entrance ticket is sent separately in a second email, we invite you to check your inbox.

Please note that Palazzo Pubblico may be subject to temporary closures due to political meetings. Be sure to plan your visit based on this information to have an unparalleled experience in San Marino's museums.

° Free ticket
Children under the age of 18
School groups
Non-self-sufficient/invalid visitors with disabilities to 100% and their companion
Teachers with attestation form
ICOM members upon presentation of a card
Journalists upon presentation of a badge

* Reduced rate
Groups larger than 25 people
People over 65
University students upon presentation of a card

Free opening hours for visits to the museums and public monuments during the days of

5 February: Celebration of the Feast of Saint Agatha, co-patron saint of the Republic
7 July: Celebration of the inscription of the San Marino and Monte Titano site in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites
3 September: Celebration of the Feast of the Patron Saint and the Foundation of the Republic
27 September: Celebration of World Tourism Day
Celebration of European Heritage Day (second annual calendar)

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