San Marino – Honorary Village among the most beautiful in Italy – International Guest

The Association of Most beautiful villages in Italy, with the Board of Directors of December 2023, admitted San Marino (historic centre), as Honorary Village – International Guest.

SAN MARINO it is the oldest Republic in the world and one of the smallest, 33 thousand inhabitants, a foreign country where Romagna is spoken. The City of San Marino is the capital of the Republic of San Marino and capital of the Castle which bears the same name and extends for 7.09 km² with 4054 inhabitants (while the city has 3997 residents). It is the third largest city in the country, after Borgo Maggiore and Dogana, a hamlet of Serravalle. It borders the castles of Acquaviva, Borgo Maggiore, Fiorentino and Chiesanuova and with the Italian municipality of San Leo (PU), the latter also part of the Association of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Every year the Association admits some villages into the circuit which, despite falling within a municipality with more than 15,000 inhabitants (maximum limit that municipalities must have in order to be certified by the Association, in addition to not having more than 2000 inhabitants in the historic centre) have passed all the requirements set by the Quality Charter of the Association and which are therefore admitted as a Guest Village.

With the entry of San Marino, for the first time in its history the Association admits a foreign country as an Honorary International Guest Village.

The historic center of San Marino (certified by the Association) –  it is perched on top of Monte Titano and surpasses all the others in height above sea level (more than 700 meters). Its village is none other than the historic center of San Marino, i.e. the oldest residential nucleus. The institutional headquarters of the Government (Palazzo Pubblico), the Great and General Council and the Secretariats of State are located here.

Why visit the Republic of San Marino and its fantastic historic village:

  1. Medieval Atmosphere: San Marino is one of the oldest independent states in the world, with a history dating back to the 4th century AD. The entire Republic retains a medieval atmosphere, with cobbled streets, towers and ancient walls creating a unique environment.
  2. Historic Architecture: The City of San Marino, the country's capital, is characterized by rich historical architecture. The Rocca Guaita, the Rocca Cesta and the Basilica of San Marino are just some of the architectural attractions that testify to the history and culture of the place.
  3. Extraordinary Views: Situated on a hill, San Marino offers spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. The panoramic views from the top of the towers and walls are breathtaking and offer a unique opportunity to admire the landscape.
  4. Culture and Traditions: San Marino preserves its traditions with pride. The population participates in various cultural events and festivities that celebrate the history, music, and roots of the country.
  5. Shopping and Crafts: San Marino is also known as a duty-free shopping destination. The streets of the city of San Marino are dotted with shops offering a wide range of products, including jewellery, clothing, art objects and souvenirs.
  6. Gastronomy: San Marino cuisine is influenced by Italian tradition, and visitors can enjoy typical dishes such as homemade pasta, local cheeses and wines from the region.
  7. Independent State: The Republic of San Marino is an independent state within Italy, making it a unique destination to explore. This independence has been preserved for centuries, adding charm and historical interest to the place.

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