Special for Schools: Theatrical Tourist Visit
- of the Historic Center

The special theatrical itinerary it crosses the most important historical and cultural places of San Marino and is dedicated to schools and end-of-school-year trips.

An actor in costume will accompany you with one engaging and interactive visit, to discover a new way of enjoying the most evocative corners of Monte Titano.

A unique guided tour to discover the history of Oldest republic in the world to better appreciate the symbolic monuments of the Ancient Land of Freedom.

What the tor include:

Qualified Tourist Guide - Let's discover the Historic Centre

Theater visit - An extremely engaging actor

Panoramas and History - Let's discover the Republic together

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Choosing a dramatized guided tour of San Marino for schools and school trips can offer a unique and engaging experience for several reasons:

  1. Emotional involvement: Theatrical guided tours often involve actors or guides expert in the art of acting, who play historical or legendary characters linked to the place. This approach can make the visit more exciting, engaging and memorable.
  2. Interactive Learning: Theatrical elements can make learning more engaging and interactive. Visitors might be involved in dialogues, scenes or historical situations that make the history of the place more accessible and interesting.
  3. Authentic Atmosphere: A dramatized visit can create an authentic atmosphere, transporting participants back in time. This can contribute to a better understanding of the historical and cultural context of San Marino.
  4. Fun and Entertainment: The theatrical component adds a touch of fun and entertainment to the visit, making the experience lighter and more enjoyable. This is especially important for engaging visitors of different ages and interests.
  5. Memorability: Immersive experiences are often more memorable. A dramatized guided tour can leave a lasting impression in the minds of participants, causing them to better remember details of San Marino's history and culture.
  6. Differentiation: In a world where tourist destinations offer many options, a dramatized guided tour can differentiate San Marino from the competition. It can be a unique option that attracts visitors interested in out-of-the-ordinary tourist experiences.
  7. Enhancement of Cultural Heritage: Using theater and storytelling, a dramatized guided tour can help enhance and preserve the cultural heritage of San Marino, transmitting it in a vivid and engaging way.

In summary, choosing a dramatized guided tour in San Marino can enrich the tourist experience through emotional involvement, interactive learning, authentic atmosphere, fun and entertainment, memorability and differentiation compared to other destinations.

Extra Activities

Tasting Local Products € 18

A tasting of San Marino locals products ready at all hours to seal your experience in the Republic

Snack with local products € 12

A snack at any time with typical local products at the end of a mountain bike, trekking or guided tour.

Photo and Video € 10

Photographs and video of experience for your social networks and for an indelible memory of San Marino

Theatrical Tourist Visit
Price per person

Theatrical Tourist Visit

The theatrical visit for private groups to enjoy all the emotion and experience with a professional actor. 10% discount for groups of more than 6 people

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Guided Tour to the medieval tower

Guided Tour to the medieval tower

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