MTB excursion to the Monte San Bartolo Natural Park

Our guided eBike tour in the Monte San Bartolo park it is mainly characterized by the stretch of high coast, largely represented by living cliffs, rare throughout the Adriatic. A continuous contrast between the green of the surrounding nature and the blue of the sea.

Crossing villages full of history such as Fiorenzuola or Casteldimezzo, up to and including on top of the “Roof of the World”, a large plateau which is commonly called this due to its splendid panoramic view. In the month of May the whole area is filled with the yellow flowering of the broom.

 The numerous trails through the hills are open to MTBs and they offer breathtaking views of the sea and on the bay of Vallugola, characterized by a pebble and sand beach and a small tourist port.

What the tor include:

eBike rental - High-performance pedal-assisted mountain bike

Driving and Fun - We discover unique places with a MTB guide

Views and Nature - Let's spend a day together

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Excursion to Monte San Bartolo
minimum 4 people
€ 55

Excursion to Monte San Bartolo

The eBike excursion lasting approximately 3 hours allows you to pedal through the hills of Monte San Bartolo, having fun on dirt roads surrounded by nature, accompanied by an eMtb guide who will show you the most evocative trails and views.


Extra Activities

Territory Pic Nic € 12 / € 15

A single dish lunch based on local products delivered in a comfortable backpack to be consumed independently and freedom during the mountain bike excursion

Private shuttle 8 people € 100

Private minibus so you don't have to worry about anything, with departure and return to San Marino.

Tasting Local Products € on request

A tasting of local products ready at all hours to seal your Mountain Bike experience.

Photo and Video € 10

Photographs and video of experience for your social networks and for an indelible memory of San Marino