Culture and Adventure in the Republic of San Marino

Culture and Adventure in San Marine is a new offer to intensely experience the Republic with outdoor activities in the parks and in the historic centre

Discovering the area with a guided e-bike tour or a guided tour combined with adventurous routes suspended in the trees and ziplines in the void in collaboration with San Marino Adventures.

Discover the history of the oldest Republic in the world and rely on our guides who will accompany you in fantastic outdoor experiences!

What the tor include:

MTB guide - Let's explore the San Marino territory

Guided tour - Culture in the Historic Center

Adventure Park Ticket - Let's have fun on nature trees

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Extra Activities

Lunch at the Adventure Park € 12

A stop with pizza, first courses or hamburgers to recover from the fatigue and start again in style. Drink included!

Snack with local products € 12

A snack at any time with typical local products at the end of a mountain bike, trekking or guided tour.

Photo and Video €10 (one-off)

Photographs and video of experience for your social networks and for an indelible memory of San Marino

Adventure on eBike and in the trees
Park + eBike
€ 65
MIN 4 People

Adventure on eBike and in the trees

In collaboration with San Marino Adventures, the complete offer for outdoor activities in the Republic of San Marino. An eBike* tour with guide along the paths of the Republic and "Adrenaline" entrance to the amusement park. *eBike rental included

Adventure in the trees and culture in the historic center
Guided Tour + Park
€ 30
MIN 4 People

Adventure in the trees and culture in the historic center

A guided tour of the historic center to discover the Republic and then fun and adventure together with San Marino Adventures. A double proposal to spend an outdoor experience in the Republic of San Marino. A tour guide at your disposal for the 1-hour tour and the "Adrenaline" entrance ticket for the day at the amusement park.