Bike-Nic: the genuine lunch in Freedom
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Bike Nic: the ideal activity for experience a day of freedom between physical activity and genuine flavours

The Bike Nic it is a classic picnic to be carried out with ebike which combines the freedom of cycling in the open air with that of a healthy and genuine lunch wherever you want to stop.

You will be able to choose the path to follow based on your abilities and decide in real time where to stop together with your friends tasting healthy products.

A backpack for each participant with their own Pic Nic, an ebike with phone holder and the possibility of downloading GPX tracks indicating our selected points to leave and enjoy Freedom.

What the tor include:

eBike rental - For healthy physical activity

GPX Tracks of the Routes - Absolute freedom and vast choice of itineraries

Picnic in freedom - The backpack with a complete and balanced meal

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Extra Activities

Garmin GPS rental € 10

A touch screen GPS with pre-loaded recommended routes and points of interest for your free picnic

Snack with Local Products € 12

A snack at any time with typical local products at the end of a mountain bike, trekking or guided tour.

Tasting Local Products € 18

A tasting of San Marino locals products ready at all hours to seal your experience in the Republic

Bike Nic without eBike
Backpack included
€ 15

Bike Nic without eBike

A backpack for each participant with their own Pic Nic to be able to taste healthy local products during an ebike or trekking excursion along the paths of the Cammino del Titano.

Bike Nic with eBike rental
whole day
€ 65
All included

Bike Nic with eBike rental

A backpack for each participant with their own picnic and the rental of an ebike. A delayed departure towards mid-morning so as to leave in peace and stop, enjoying a healthy and genuine lunch along the way.