The Map of the Paths was created for those who love walking in nature and discovering all the 9 Castles of the Republic of San Marino.
A new hiking map has been created, updated with the new thematic itineraries and the "Path of the Titan“, some of which can also be explored by mountain bike.

All the paths of the Republic are marked with specific signs that recall the map. It is possible to purchase the Hiking Map or download the digital version of the old hiking map which describes, also through photographic images, the six itineraries considered most significant, specifying: the length, the difficulty and the travel time, the type.

This map of the paths presents and highlights the different naturalistic environmental elements of San Marino, including the path of Cliff of Monte Titano, the forest, the waterfalls and the Canepa Mills, the Monte Cerreto Park, the Castellaccio, the old railway and Laiala and the Montegiardino Coast
For each route the most relevant different vegetational, floristic, faunal and historical-cultural-geological aspects are exposed.

A tool to improve the experience of tourists who love walking and exploring nature trails.

DOWNLOAD the hiking map.

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