In the Castle of Acquaviva, in the heart of the Monte Cerreto park, itinerary no. develops. 7 which looks like a simple route, without particular difficulties, with little difference in altitude and easily accessible, suitable for educational itineraries for school groups or activities linked to the "San Marino for All" project.

Therefore combined with the nearby presence of the San Marino Adventures park, the easy accessibility, the peaceful nature, the ruins of the castle where the Placito Feretrano was signed, the view of the historic center of San Marino City, the Sacello del Santo and Montefeltro are the perfect characteristics for carrying out cultural and inclusion activities, linked to the discovery of the territory and the history of the Republic of San Marino.

Path of the Titan
Thematic itinerary n. 7
Monte Cerreto path
Length: approximately 1.5km
Travel time: 30 minutes
Also suitable for those with mobility problems

Follow the path up Komoot

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