Starting from the characteristic medieval center in the Montegiardino Castle, this itinerary allows you to explore the area of the ancient chalk quarry and the ruins of the furnace and mill.

The disappearance of the plasterers and the consequent abandonment of the infrastructures has left room for nature, which, over time, has created a wild, particular and enchanting environment. Today the area is as narrow as it is spectacular, used only by hikers, instinctive archery enthusiasts and some trials motorcyclists.

The departure is in the historic center of Montegiardino which allows for parking, it is the most easily accessible and localized place, it is a town of great charm thanks to its medieval features preserved and offers some small services, such as bars and hotels.

Path of the Titan
Thematic itinerary n. 3
The Gessi di Montegiardino path
Length approximately 3 km
Travel time: 1 hour/1 hour and 30'

Follow the path up Komoot

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