This is one of the places most immersed in nature and hosts some of the most precious wonders of our territory. We can name the "Grotta del Bando", or more commonly called "Grotta di Canepa" (a ravine accessible only to expert speleologists) and the historical-monumental area of the ancient mills of Canepa.

The nature and wild aspect of the place, with the characteristic waterfalls and the narrow gorge, frame everything, giving magnificent glimpses and views. It starts from the area of the Tennis Center and the Montecchio park, as it offers parking possibilities and is the part of the route closest to the historic center of San Marino City.

There is also the Casa Fabrica, headquarters of the Terra di San Marino Consortium and the Museum of Rural Civilization and Traditions of the Republic of San Marino.

Path of the Titan
Thematic itinerary n. 2
Canepa path
Length approximately 4km
Travel time: 2 hours

Follow the path up Komoot

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