Fully understood in the UNESCO protected area, serves as an excursion link to the historic center of Borgo Maggiore and that of San Marino City, which have also been designated a World Heritage Site.

Departure from Piazza Grande in Borgo Maggiore, where you can find excellent rest areas nearby, such as Campo della Fiera and Baldasserona.

In a few minutes you find yourself completely immersed in the woods, a journey that offers breathtaking views. The path that develops along the half height of Monte Titano, along the entire front of the cliff, skirting the imposing rock walls and passing through the natural terraces, open towards the Adriatic Sea.

Among the visible treasures are the nesting of the peregrine falcon, ancient and rare plants such as the Nebrodense ephedra, magnificent climbing routes and the ancient sacred place of the Tanaccia sanctuary. This route also passes along the ancient road connecting the city and the village, the Arnella Coast.

Path of the Titan
Thematic itinerary n. 1
Cliff Path
Length approximately 4km
Travel time 2 hours

Follow the path up Komoot

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