San Marino celebrates the Patron Saint and every year celebrates the anniversary of the Foundation (301 AD) with a day in the Historic Centre, with music, shows, tastings and tradition!

It is celebrated on 3 September each year and commemorates not only the feast of the patron saint of the Republic, San Marino, but also the anniversary of foundation of the Republic which according to tradition took place on 3 September 301 by the stonemason of Dalmatian origin, namely San Marino.

The day begins with the evocative raising ceremony flag  in Piazza della Libertà, where the procession of the armed forces (Militia, Fortress Guard and Noble Guard) will converge accompanied by the notes of the Military Band.

The celebration continues with the traditional Mass in the Basilica, in the presence of the bishop and the Captains Regent.
This is followed by the solemn procession that accompanies the precious Relic of the Saint through the streets of the historic center, up to the entrance of Palazzo Pubblico, where the blessing takes place with the raising of the Relic and its display to the Captains Regent and the People.

An anniversary that has always been deeply felt by the entire population who flock in large numbers to take part in the religious rites and entertainment events organized by the Cultural Institutes.

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