DOG Trekking among the Chestnut Trees!

21Apr10:0013:30DOG Trekking among the Chestnut Trees!A journey to discover Uffogliano's past!!


(Domenica) 10:00 - 13:30(GMT+02:00)


Chiesa di San Biagio, Uffogliano.

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DURATION: approximately 3.5 HOURS COST: €15 / €5 Included: socialization lesson

Get your leashes ready, the 6-legged DOG trekking begins!

After a very short initial briefing (necessary both for the companions, to immediately become familiar with all the participants, and for the dogs themselves, to become familiar with each other) we will start from Church of San Biagio, in Uffogliano.
Leashes in hand, we will accompany our four-legged friends to discover the verdant landscapes of Valmarecchia, until crossing a jungle... of chestnut trees!
The shadow of the centuries-old chestnut trees will accompany us on a journey to discover the past of Uffogliano and the entire Valmarecchia, a place rich in charm and history. 
The excursion also includes a convivial moment with a packed lunch and a short socialization lesson for our four-legged friends! 

NB Registration is open even to hikers who don't own a dog, as long as they are willing to walk in their company. The dogs and their companions and friends, being the true protagonists of this event, will maintain priority treatment during the booking phase, until the maximum quota of 15 dogs is reached.

Distance: approximately 5.5 km
Height difference: 230 meters
Difficulty: EE (medium difficulty)
Total duration of the excursion: approximately 3.5 hours.

Church of San Biagio, Uffogliano (RN). 
Google maps location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/PSd35TFjVfqjx9Nx9 
The meeting time is set for 10:00 am. Maximum punctuality is required with respect for everyone. 

The participation fees for DOG Trekking are: 15 euros per dog, 5 euros per person.
If you have two or more dogs, the participation fee for the second dog will only be 5 euros!
The fee includes the accompaniment of the hiking guide and the dog trainer for the entire duration of the excursion as well as the short (optional) final socialization lesson.

Melissa Mussoni: +39 331.2253688.
Reservations by 6:00 pm on April 19, 2024. Please specify, when registering, the number of people and dogs for which you intend to make the reservation. The inclusion of the names of the dogs will be greatly appreciated, although not at all mandatory for booking purposes.

You will be accompanied by Melissa Mussoni, AIGAE hiking guide (Card number ER939 - Italian Association of Environmental Hiking Guides, pursuant to L.4/2013) and by Philip Bologna, dog educator.

For the dog: Leash, water and bowl, hygiene bags, snacks and food (at discretion).
For hikers: Trekking shoes or shoes with sculpted soles, appropriate clothing, water (at least 1.5 litres), rain jacket or poncho in case of bad weather, snacks, packed lunch (at discretion).

NB The guide reserves the right to deny participation in the DOG Trekking to anyone who shows up wearing unsuitable clothing.
The guide reserves the right to modify, postpone or cancel the event in the event of severe bad weather or any eventuality that could put the safety of participants at risk.
The trek will be activated when the minimum number of 6 participants is reached.


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