Like any self-respecting state, the Republic of San Marino also identifies its patriotic colors and the history of its coat of arms. The current San Marino flag was proposed on 6 April 1862: composed of two horizontal bands of equal size, of which the upper one is painted white, while the lower one is light blue. In the center of the flag you can see the presence of the national coat of arms.

The coat of arms of the Republic depicts Mount Titano with the three fortresses of the state capital, the City of San Marino, clearly visible: Cesta, Guaita and Montale. The shield is then surrounded by a lovely garland. Above the shield there is a crown and underneath it there is a ribbon bearing the writing:  FREEDOM.

As for the civil flag, it does not have the coat of arms in the center, made exclusively from white-blue horizontal bands.

A past regulation prohibited the use of the national coat of arms, therefore the civil flag spread with great ardor, but a subsequent resolution clarified that the national flag was the state flag with the coat of arms and could be used by anyone.

Small clarifications concern the coat of arms it depicts Monte Titano with the three fortresses of the capital: Cesta, Guaita and Montale. Each fortress is surmounted by a crenellated silver tower, distinguished by black and topped with a silver ostrich feather.

The crown was added in 1862 to represent state sovereignty. The coat of arms of San Marino is also depicted on San Marino euro coins.

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