February 5th of each year the San Marino people celebrate their liberation from the Alberoni occupation which also shocked, albeit for a short time, the San Marino legal system.

In 1739, power on Titan was maintained by an oligarchy of families and the territory was divided among a small number of landowners.
Exploiting the internal quarrels, the need of some rich but excluded San Marino citizens to restore the Arengo to its value, Cardinal Alberoni exploited a pretext to get his hands on the Republic.

Alberoni, with the excuse of restoring social order, issued a "Brief” by the Pope and then, with a real coup, he dismissed the Regents and replaced them with another figure, while the Councilors were appointed directly by the State of the Church.
At that point the citizens of San Marino woke up and made their voices heard with the Pontiff and with the other European Heads of State.
However, San Marino sovereignty had a value, even a symbolic one.
The Pope thus found himself forced to replace Cardinal Alberoni with Mons. Enriquez.
It was, in fact, on 5 February 1740 when San Marino regained its freedom and independence.
To pay homage to this anniversary, the Saint was proclaimed co-patron of San Marino and is depicted on the facade of the Government Palace between San Leo and San Marino.
Every year on this date a procession takes place, from the sanctuary of Borgo Maggiore the painting of the Saint is carried on the shoulders in a religious procession to the Parish Church.

This ceremony, in homage to tradition, takes place in any weather and, according to legend, one year due to a very heavy snowfall it did not take place and the following day the saint's footprints were found in the snow.
Since then, it has taken place in all types of weather.

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