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The Legend: the creation of Monte Titano

A legend says that the creation of Monte Titano, on which the city of San Marino stands, is due to terrible giants called “Titans”.

These were sons of a brother of the god Saturn, uncle of Zeus, who was on Olympus.

The Titans decided to attack him while he slept and to climb the sky they began to pile boulders on top of each other, but Zeus was warned and made them fall to Earth.

Only the mountain made of boulders remained, which for this reason was called Titan.
This is just one of the mysteries that surround our Republic.

During ours guided tourist visits anecdotes and curiosities of the oldest Republic in the world will also be told. Also discover the Legend of Marino and the bear!!

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Il Cammino del Titano

It was inaugurated with a symbolic ceremony at the door of the Rupe, the new hiking-pedestrian network of the Republic of San Marino, of which the “Path of the Titan” it's just a part: 8 “thematic” routes for a total of 110 kilometers of hiking itineraries, through all the San Marino Castles.

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The Legend: the Foundation of the Republic

The legend linked to the foundation of the Republic of San Marino revolves entirely around the figure of a Dalmatian stonemason. This story, written in Latin by an anonymous author of the 10th century, narrates that in 257 AD, at the time of the Roman emperors Diocletian and Maximian, Rimini had to rebuild its walls destroyed by a siege carried out by the king of the Liburnians.

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