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Coat of arms and flag of San Marino

Like any self-respecting state, the Republic of San Marino also identifies its patriotic colors and the history of its coat of arms. The current San Marino flag was proposed on 6 April 1862: composed of two horizontal bands of equal size, of which the upper one is painted white, while the lower one is light blue. In the center of the flag you can see the presence of the national coat of arms.

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Installation of the Captains Regent of San Marino Guided Tours Tourist Guides

The installation of the Captains Regent

Even today, according to the ancient Statutes, the Heads of State change every six months. The Captains Regent are appointed by the Great and General Council at the end of March and the end of September. The handover between the outgoing Captains Regent and the new ones takes place on April 1st and October 1stand during a ceremony that has been repeated unchanged for centuries and is experienced with participation by the entire population.

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