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Tourist Agencies for Guided Tours

Tourist Agencies for Guided Tours

Discover the UNESCO world heritage site it is an extraordinary experience that offers a journey through the history, culture and natural beauty of different parts of the world. However, to maximize this unique experience, it is often useful to rely on expert and competent tour guides who can lead visitors through these historical and cultural sites with depth and understanding.

Tourist agencies specializing in offering guided tours of UNESCO World Heritage Sites offer a wide range of options to suit the needs and desires of their clients. Whether it's one students eager to deepen their knowledge of the history of the world, of one couple looking for an intimate experience and personalized, of a group of friends eager to explore new cultures together or as cruise passengers eager to discover the wonders of a port destination, there is a guided tour option suited to every need.

Guided tours for school groups are designed to be educational, engaging and suitable for the age of the participants. Experienced guides are able to present the material in an accessible and engaging way, encouraging students to explore and ask questions as they discover the history and culture of UNESCO sites.

For those seeking a more intimate and personalized experience, private tours offer the flexibility to explore world heritage sites with a dedicated guide who can adapt the itinerary and content of the visit to the preferences and interests of the individual customer. This type of guided tour is perfect for those who wish to deepen their knowledge of a particular site or for those seeking a more exclusive and tailor-made experience.

Group tours are ideal for those traveling with friends, family or colleagues and want to share the experience of discovering the UNESCO World Heritage Site together with others. Experienced tour guides are able to handle groups of various sizes and ensure that all participants enjoy an informative and fun experience.

Finally, guided cruise tours offer passengers the opportunity to explore the wonders of a port destination from the convenience and comfort of their cruise ship. Local tour guides can offer an in-depth introduction to the local history, culture and attractions, allowing passengers to experience the best the destination has to offer during their short stopover.

In conclusion, tourism agencies that specialize in offering guided tours of UNESCO World Heritage Sites offer a variety of options to meet the needs and desires of every type of traveler. Whether it's a school group visit, a private visit, a group visit or a cruise visit, there is a customized option available for everyone who wants to discover the wonders of the world with an expert guide by their side.

San Marino Experience is the leader in experiential activities and outdoors on the territory of the Republic of San Marino and its UNESCO heritage.

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A Sweeter World – The Wonderful Christmas of San Marino

A Sweeter World – The Wonderful Christmas of San Marino

Christmas of Wonders 2023 it will be an even sweeter experience, a place where desserts will be the absolute protagonists: Immersive scenarios, themed attractions, bright and scenographic settings will envelop visitors in a magical and typically Christmas atmosphere!

From 25 November 2023 to 7 January 2024, Christmas of Wonders returns to San Marino, a unique event to immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of Christmas in the smallest Republic in the world! This year, in its 21st edition, the theme will be “A Sweeter World“, with sweets as the absolute protagonists: enchanting scenarios, themed attractions, bright lights and scenography will envelop you in a magical Christmas atmosphere!

San Marino will welcome you with sparkling lights, festive musical settings and surprising plays of architectural lights in the most iconic places of the historic centre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, making them even more extraordinary and inviting you to live a unique and incredible experience!

To best celebrate the Christmas period, you can't miss the Big Tree: original, elegant and majestic, it will be the perfect place to take photos or selfies and make videos to share with relatives and friends. They also return traditional Christmas markets, where it will be difficult to choose between gift items, artisanal creations, typical products, food and, of course, lots of sweets! You can spend carefree hours of fun on the Ice rink, skating to the rhythm of the sweet Christmas notes! The Chocolate Factory it will be transformed into a small theater for the performances of the Timeless Children of the much loved one Toy Factory.

Discover all the events and download the map of the Historic Center so you don't miss any of the scheduled activities!!!

Christmas Map of Wonders - a sweeter world 2023 San Marino

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National Alpine Gathering – May 2022

After two years of postponements, the National Alpine Gathering has finally been confirmed opening ceremony will take place on May 5th on the Rimini seafront. The day after the flag parade in Piazza Cavour; then, on Saturday, the solemn mass at the Romeo Neri stadium.

The rally takes place over several days and culminates on Sunday with the parade of tens of thousands of Alpine troops through the streets of the host city. At the parade, which usually lasts all day, only members of the National Alpine Association participate, who are divided by Ana Section to which they belong (the first to parade are the Alpine soldiers from the Sections abroad, last those from the host Section) and accompanied by numerous bands and fanfares.
The only other people who can participate in the parade are the local and national political authorities who take part in the event (generally ministers, mayor, president of the Province and president of the Region). The audience sits on the sides or in the stands.

It will be held in San Marino the international meeting with 30 sections arriving from abroad for a total of approximately 1,500 Alpine troops.

The gathering should bring around 200 thousand people to the Riviera, for over 500 thousand tourists. 2022 is an important date because the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the Alpine corps is celebrated and the centenary of the Bolognese Romagna section.

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Historica San Marino

A story to be experienced

23 – 24 – 25 July 2021

Historica is a journey through time to discover the thousand-year history of the oldest land of freedom and the main historical events that shaped its soul. Six different historical eras, from ancient Rome to the World Wars, passing through the Middle Ages, the seventeenth century, the eighteenth century and the Risorgimento.

An innovative look for the event thanks to displays, attractions, shows, parades and themed markets that will recreate the atmosphere of fundamental stages of San Marino history: from the foundation in 301 AD in Roman times, to the medieval period, up to the Statutes of 1600 and the Alberonian occupation, without finally neglecting the Risorgimento period and the two world conflicts. 

Over 400 artists and historical re-enactors will give life to more than 90 shows every day: from gladiators to jesters, from duels to dance, from cannon firing demonstrations to the graceful aerial evolutions of acrobats suspended in the air. Historica.. A story to be experienced!