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Trekking in the Republic of San Marino and on the Cammino del Titano

Trekking in the Republic of San Marino and on the Cammino del Titano

In the heart of Europe, nestled among the majestic Apennine mountains, lies a hidden gem: the Republic of San Marino and the Path of the Titan. This small and independent state, with its thousand-year history and its breathtaking landscape, offers a paradise for nature lovers and trekking enthusiasts.

The trekking routes of San Marino they are real treasures to discover. One of the most fascinating paths is the one that leads to Monte Titano, the highest point in San Marino. Along the way, hikers can admire breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside and the Adriatic coast. The effort of the climb is well rewarded by the spectacular view that opens up once you reach the summit.

But it's not just the natural beauty that makes San Marino's trekking routes so special. The Titan's Path, a 43km long circular route that circumnavigates Mount Titano, allows hikers to cross all 9 Castles of the Republic of San Marino and pass through ancient medieval villages, castles and historical ruins that tell the rich history of this small Republic.

Every step with our environmental guides is a journey through time, an opportunity to immerse yourself in culture and traditions of San Marino.

Furthermore, walking outdoors and trekking offers benefits for mental and physical health. Far from the stress and frenzy of everyday life, the nature of San Marino offers a refuge of peace and tranquility. Breathing the fresh air of the woods and listening to the birds singing can have a therapeutic effect, reducing stress and improving general well-being.

In conclusion, discovering the Republic of San Marino through trekking is a unique experience that offers much more than simply breathtaking views. It is a journey through history, culture and nature, an opportunity to reconnect with the natural world and rediscover the beauty that surrounds us. Whether you are a passionate hiker or a simple nature lover, San Marino awaits you with its paths and its wonders to discover.

If you prefer a classic guided tour e.g discover the history of the Republic with one tourist guide, you can't miss it special UNESCO visit. Immerse yourself in the thousand-year history of San Marino and live a unique experience

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The Path of the Saint Marino

The Path of the Saint Marino is part of a broader project for the valorisation of Republic of San Marino as a destination for religious tourism, pilgrimage, prayer and devotion in the footsteps
of the Holy Founder, with a different gaze than the conventional one.

San Marino is therethe only Holy Founder of a State and Patron of a Republic and of a Diocese,
which bears his name together with his co-patrons San Leone and Sant'Agata.

Marino was the point of reference for the birth and development of oldest republic in the world existing today. The Christians of this nation have always venerated with particularity
devotion, still alive today in the faithful, the memory of the presence of San Marino in the territory
of the Republic, which takes its name from him, and have carefully preserved his relics
currently preserved in the Basilica del Santo: the beating heart of the religious life of the State
of the Titan and which also represents a place of great importance for its civil history.

The Path of Santo Marino retraces the steps of the Saint, originally from the island of Rab – Nella
Northern Dalmatia: the pilgrimage of faith, history and culture starts from this place
in the footsteps of the Patron and Founder of the Republic who bears his glorious name. At the end of
3rd century Saint Marino came to Italy together with San Leo, for the reconstruction of the walls of
Rimini, and from here he went up and settled in the Republic of San Marino.
The path then continues towards San Leo, the fortified city located on Mount Feretrio,
founded by the saint of the same name, friend and traveling companion of San Marino, and finally, it reaches
Pennabilli, episcopal seat of the Diocese, San Marino – Montefeltro.

Path of the Saint Marino
Length approximately 75km
Variable travel time

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Path of the Titan – HD map to print

A special way to discover the wonders of the Republic of San Marino is on foot, through the Path of the Titan, a network of itineraries and routes that will make you discover the most authentic and lesser-known side of this enchanting place. 

43 kilometers long, the Path of the Titan connects all nine Castles of San Marino and allows you to admire Monte Titano at 360 degrees, circumnavigating the imposing Mount Titano, symbol of the Republic.

The hiker can thus enjoy contact with nature, often uncontaminated, and the surrounding area, remaining amazed by the unique panorama that has always distinguished San Marino.

The signs used along the routes are specific in the “Blue White” color and indicate the Cammino del Titano while the “Red White” ones indicate the thematic itineraries.

The printable version of the map of the San Marino and surrounding territory at a scale of 1:15,000 is available for free download, with the route of the Cammino del Titan highlighted, useful for planning your excursion.

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Connecting itineraries – The Titan's Path

There are 16 itineraries connecting the routes Il Cammino del Titano, both within the territory and towards the Italian routes managed by the Italian Alpine Club bordering the Republic of San Marino, such as the Marecchia cycle path and the path to San Leo.

The hiking itineraries that can be crossed during walks and trekking are aimed at enhance the historical-cultural, environmental and naturalistic characteror Monte Titano and the entire territory of the Republic of San Marino.

Through these connecting itineraries it is possible to easily reach the Mount Titano through hiking and is certainly a reason for choosing a tourist destination that is establishing itself for outdoor tourism in the open air.

The connecting itineraries are intended to complete the hiking network in order to make it homogeneous and usable by all users as well as to connect the internal itineraries with those of the CAI outside the border and are indicated below:

  1. Lesignano / Cerasolo (IT) ;
  2. Ventoso / Verucchio (IT);
  3. Windy / Cycle Path Marecchia (IT);
  4. Selva della Valle / Marecchia Cycle Path (IT);
  5. Monte Cerreto / Ca' Martino;
  6. Ca' Vagnetto / Vallecchio (IT);
  7. Piandavello / Borgo Maggiore;
  8. Gessi of Acquaviva / Monte Cerreto;
  9. Montecchio / Borgo Maggiore;
  10. Marano / Vallecchio (IT);
  11. Montecchio / San Marino City;
  12. Ca' Rigo – San Marino City;
  13. Galavotto / San Leo (IT);
  14. Pennarossa / San Marino City;
  15. Ca' Chiavello – Murata;
  16. Fontevivo / San Leo (IT);
  17. Montegiardino / Gesso (IT);
  18. Huts / Monte San Paolo (IT).
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Itinerary – The Titan's Path

The itinerary Il Cammino del Titano it is an experience not to be missed to fully discover the territory of the Republic of San Marino. The itinerary of the Camino consists of a 43 km ring and winds around Mount Titano, which is always visible from every point of the route, to discover the natural beauties that surround the ancient land of Freedom, or rather the Republic of San Marino.

It is not only aimed at trekking enthusiasts, who will certainly find an itinerary and a challenge suitable for them desire for exploration, but also for those who want to do one relaxing and pleasant walk in nature, perhaps with family, children and so much desire to have fun.

The Cammino del Titano path allows you to connect to a further 8 thematic itineraries, all in San Marino territory. These are thematic circular itineraries (except one) of medium/easy difficulty which allow you to better discover some special places of the Republic.


The Path of the Titan it can be done in one go in a single day, but it is only advisable with the right physical training. With 43 km long it's a positive difference in altitude of approximately 1700 m, it takes a little determination, good planning and always wearing the right clothing.

Path of the Titan
Length approximately 43km
Variable travel time

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Itinerary n.8 – Ca' Rigo path

Starting from the center of the small but suggestive hamlet of Cà Rigo, through this itinerary, you can quickly reach two bomb shelters, dug during the Second World War as the front passed through, which are still open and visible.

You can also cross a badland environment typical of our territory and full of animals and footprints, with a beautiful view of Mount Titano, along the road, thus climbing just above the town of Cà Rigo, reachable in a short time.

The small hamlet also has car parks and a bar and restaurant service.

Path of the Titan
Thematic itinerary n. 8
Ca' Rigo path
Length: approximately 4.5km
Travel time: 1 hour and 30 minutes

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Itinerary n.7 – Monte Cerreto path

In the Castle of Acquaviva, in the heart of the Monte Cerreto park, itinerary no. develops. 7 which looks like a simple route, without particular difficulties, with little difference in altitude and easily accessible, suitable for educational itineraries for school groups or activities linked to the "San Marino for All" project.

Therefore combined with the nearby presence of the San Marino Adventures park, the easy accessibility, the peaceful nature, the ruins of the castle where the Placito Feretrano was signed, the view of the historic center of San Marino City, the Sacello del Santo and Montefeltro are the perfect characteristics for carrying out cultural and inclusion activities, linked to the discovery of the territory and the history of the Republic of San Marino.

Path of the Titan
Thematic itinerary n. 7
Monte Cerreto path
Length: approximately 1.5km
Travel time: 30 minutes
Also suitable for those with mobility problems

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Itinerary n.6 – Castellaccio path

Itinerary n.6, the Castellaccio path, develops in the Castle of Fiorentino, on the Toro ditch and Monte Seghizzo, a place of preservation of the ruins and history of Castellaccio.

Starting near the bridge over the San Marino torrent and going up along the ditch, you enter a fabulous natural environment, full of wild animals, charm and beautiful views, given by the cliff of Mount Pennarossa and the forest of Mount Seghizzo.

The itinerary develops in a wild and fascinating place.

Path of the Titan
Thematic itinerary n. 6
Castellaccio path
Length: approximately 3.5km
Travel time: 1 hour and 30'

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Path of the Titan - Itinerary n. 5 Gorgascura path san marino experience trekking outdoor walks open air montefeltro rimini hotel

Itinerary n.5 – Gorgascura Path

The creation of the thematic itinerary n. 5 allows you to go and explore one unusual and little-known portion of territory.

The route starts from the ancient location of Fontevivo, near Molarini, which has an excellent square for parking and easy to reach, runs alongside the San Marino stream following the future cycle path, on the riverbed, and enters the Gessi area of Acquaviva and then descends near the Masso and the village of Pietraminuta.

The ring presents magnificent natural and agricultural peculiarities, crossing the ancient villages of the countryside, today small residential centers.
The route is fairly challenging given its length

Path of the Titan
Thematic itinerary n. 5
Gorgascura path
Length 5km
Travel time: 2 hours/2 and 30'

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Itinerary n.4 – Ausa – Laiala – Railway path

This path is the only non-circular thematic itinerary and develops between the Castle of Serravalle and that of Domagnano, with the aim of telling the vicissitudes of the ancient Blue and White Train and to unify the two parks "Ausa" and "Laiala".

Starting from the ancient Dogana station you can reach Serravalle, following initially the path that the tracks occupied, inside the Ausa Park, and along the stream on the Cinque Vie side, on a new route, surrounded by trees, countryside and centuries-old oaks.

Subsequently, crossing the Laiala park you will reach Domagnano passing through the ancient railway route, already existing, now pedestrian and cycle path.

Path of the Titan
Thematic itinerary n. 4
Ausa – Laiala – Railway path
Length approximately 7.5km
Travel time: 2.5 hours

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