The Basilica del Santo, or Pieve, was designed and built starting from 1826 by Antonio Serra, an architect from Bologna, on the area ofancient sixteenth-century parish church which was demolished to make way for the new Parish Church of San Marino.

A serious loss for the history of art, as one of the first Christian monuments in Italy of pre-Romanesque style was cancelled.
It is the main sacred building in the country because preserves the relics of San Marino, founder of the San Marino community.

The current Basilica, consecrated in 1855, is in neoclassical style with a portico of Corinthian columns.
The massive Romanesque bell tower was rebuilt in the 17th century. The interior has three naves with seven altars.

To the left of the main altar you can appreciate the throne of the Captains Regent, a work from the 17th century.
Below the altar a small urn contains the bones of San Marino; on the right in a marble monument there is a silver case containing the upper part of the Saint's skull.

On the right of the Basilica del Santo is the church of San Pietro, from the 16th century, remodeled around 1826.
It is accessed through the sacristy via a staircase created in the bell tower of the main Basilica.

The apse of the church of San Pietro is entirely formed from living rock: two niches have been dug into it which popular tradition indicated as beds of San Marino and San Leo and to which the faithful attribute thaumaturgical properties.

On the marble altar of the century. XVII, donated by the Roman musician Antonio Tedeschi in 1689, dominates the statue of St. Peter, the work of the sculptor Enrico Saroldi.

The stone crypt was built under the church in 1914 where the urn in which the bones of the Saint rested for many centuries is preserved.


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